Thursday, 16 July 2009

Any Tom, Dick or Harry

So what is the difference between any bloke and a Mr Right Now?
I still have my urges and will be treating an urge tonight, I'm going out with the Drummer. So why is he allowed? There is no way he is a Mr Right nor a Mr Right Now.
A Mr Right Now is someone that I could completely fall for and be with even though I, he or we know it's not really working or compatible either emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually.
The Drummer is someone I go out with time to time, we coyly shares stories and a couple of glasses of wine and then have animalistic sex. And just that. Minimum of foreplay, just fucking, sometimes for hours, sometimes quick, hard and fast. We tend to happen upon each other when we're single, coincidentally at parties, at a station or just on speed-dial.
When we met, I was mad about him, and as the saying goes* gave sex for love, it seems the moment I stopped loving him, he started to back off too. It's something we don't really talk about but appreciate what we have: company and sex.
A friend recently called him "my real-life dildo", maybe she has a point.
* Women give sex for love and men give love for sex. I'm not too sure how I feel about that expression but see it in too many of my friend's relationships.

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