Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dream: Lights Out

I had a dream about a famous boxer last night. 

I'm not sure how we met, but we were then travelling by bus to mine, it was clear that we were going to get hot and heavy when we got to mine, as I went to get condoms and line, I came back to find he had wanked himself off. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Blow Jobs Galore

A male friend complained of taking a two year relationship for granted, apparently it was filled with weekly (sometimes two-weekly) blow jobs and he traded that relationship for 'birthday blow jobs'..

Did he take that for granted?  He must have thought the grass was greener?

Although he hasn't gone back...

It makes me think, literally, of my per date blow job ratio, which based on the last relationship was 1:4 (one point three blow job per four dates) during two years.  So, on average one per week, now based on my male friend's experience was this too many, had I spoiled him, had him take it for granted? Should I have made them 'monthly treats'...

I'm confused...
I thought more was more...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Horny is not the word

Normally being brushed against when travelling by tube is almost a complaint for indecent assault, today a man mishandled my left breast whilst going for for the centre bar and I nearly lady ejaculated there and then.

My left nipple was throbbing, soon the rest of me was.

What has become of me, where an accidental poke has me in a dizzy episode.

Give me a lamppost* and I will grind myself against it.

* Any such phallic and grinding device will do...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bring Bush Back

Three words I never thought myself to utter - Bring Bush Back - but no, I am not referring to US politics...

I've never really got the hang of a 'good' Brazilian - unless I pay a beautician - it kind of looks like Edward Scissorhands had a go..  Bush is good, I'm not talking 1960s rainforest, I'd just like something resembling an attempt at modesty.

According to The Frisky - predictions for 2013:

In - Balls, Period sex, Snap Chatting, Blow jobs in the bath, Bush Bush BUSH...,

Out - Sideboob, Fifty Shades.., and anal tattoos?!


You know how annoying it is when someone gets a new girlfriend/boyfriend/iPad and you never see/hear from them again?!

Sorry about that.